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  1. Stability maps for a teetering rotor are shown in Fig. 2. The teetering rotor stabiliiy is quite different from that of the artic- ulated blade. The stability is much less dependent on advancz ratio throughout the entire iS3 and Lock number range- Thr effect of 6; on damping .
  2. Additionally, the brake pedal may feel like it’s pulsating when pressed due to warped brake rotors. This occurs because the pedal is no longer making contact with the surface of the rotor. 3. Grooves or Score Marks on the Rotor. Another symptom of bad or failing rotors is visual scoring or grooves on the face of the rotor.
  3. A spinning rotor causes a lot of drag. In fact, the drag is proportional to the cube of the rotor rpm. So, the slower the rotor spins- the less drag it creates. Unfortunately, for conventional rotorcraft, there is a limit to how slow the rotor can spin.
  4. Tusk Stainless Steel Typhoon Brake Rotor, Rear$$ You save 40% Tusk Stainless Steel Typhoon Brake Rotor, Front$ – $$ – $ You save up to 40% EBC Brake Rotor, Rear$ – $$ – $ You save up to 5%.
  5. ROTOR is the new app that turns your devices into a comprehensive electronic music performance suite. Using the optional ROTOR controllers, which can be purchased separately, it also brings the reactable tangible music experience that has captivated musicians such as Björk, Coldplay or Gui Boratto, for the first time into the iPad.
  6. It takes off and lands like a helicopter, cruises like an airplane, and autorotates like an autogyro. Carter Aviation Technologies’ Slowed Rotor/Compound (SR/C) prototype broke the μ-1 barrier—a ratio of the forward speed of an aircraft to the speed of its rotor tip that generally limits the speed of rotorcraft—Nov. 7, the second time the company has achieved the feat.
  7. RotoR biography ROTOR were formed in as a German instrumental rock trio by Tim MENTZEL (guitar), Marco BAALE (bass), and Milan PFÜTZEREUTER (drums) in Berlin. Energetically absorbing psychedelic / heavy / stoner rock essence via lots of predecessors, they have given the audience their deep auditory impulse and trippy hallucinogen.
  8. A. Das, R. Alagirusamy, in Advances in Yarn Spinning Technology, Rotor speed and diameter. Rotor speed depends, in part, on rotor diameter. Rotor speeds typically lie in the – m/s range, but mostly between and m/s, with a tendency to be higher with a smaller rotor diameter [6].Currently the smallest rotor diameter used industrially is 28 mm with rotor speed up to ,
  9. The Slowed rotor principle is used in the design of some helicopters. On a conventional helicopter the rotational speed of the rotor is constant; reducing it at lower flight speeds can also reduce fuel consumption and enable the aircraft to fly more economically. In the compound helicopter and related aircraft configurations such as the gyrodyne and winged autogyro, reducing the rotational.

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