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  1. Though they are not physically identical, they work just the same. However, you cannot record to pressed CDs, only to CD-R/RW discs. What kinds of media are there? CD-R media is classified by its organic dye composition and the reflective layer. There are 4 kinds of dyes in use today: 1. Cyanine dye, which has a cyan blue color; 2.
  2. CD media Compact discs hold MB of data (equivalent to 80 minutes of audio, hundreds of high-quality digital images, and small video files). Unlike DVDs, CDs are not .
  3. CD-Rs can be played on CD-R machines and many but not all CD digital audio players. CD-RWs can only be played on CD-RW compatible machines. Both writeable types can be burned to play in audio machines and PCs. Recordable CDs. There are two main types of recordable CD, one for audio systems and one for computer systems.
  4. For the first 2 years of HIV therapy, CD4 counts may be done every 3–6 months. If a patient's viral load becomes undetectable after 2 years then CD4 counts might not be needed if they are consistently above /mm 3. If the count remains at –/mm 3, then the tests can be done annually.
  5. Printed CD Cover Design Tips When creating your CD cover design file, use these tips: Make the document page size equal to the cover size plus the bleed area or " x " to be trimmed down to the finished size after printing. If you aren't planning to include bleeds, the bleed area isn't necessary so set the document size to the finished size of " square.
  6. Apr 03,  · And the CD fit in the same form factor as the standard /4″ disk drive, which was no coincidence because CD’s for data distribution was part of the early requirements. BS, totally. Software was coming on floppies long after the CD was invented. I remember getting Paradox and Access in the early 90's on " floppies.
  7. Ive got 17 inch It is not the size, the cd on the screen is too big a little bit half an inch maybe. Anonymous Perfect on a 12", x resolution, widescreen format, on a LG E laptop.
  8. This is not a malfunction but a matter of different definitions. We count in base 10 by powers of 10 1 = 10 10 2 = 10*10 = 10 3 = 10*10*10 = 1, 10 6 = 1,, Computers count by base 2: 2 1 = 2 2 2 = 2*2 = 4 2 3 = 2*2*2 = 8 2 10 = 1, 2 20 = 1,, So .

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