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  1. scratchbrad uses Record Nerd to catalog their favorite vinyl records, CDs, LPs, T-shirts, zines & more. Check out scratchbrad's list now!
  2. Pre-recorded cassette tape This must be a factory pre-recorded tape, not one recorded on this or another unit. Machine Oil Any fine oil will work well. Phono-lube This is a brand name of fine grease I use. Any fine grease will work just as well. Problems 1. The most common problem with the vintage tape decks is worn belts. Always replace.
  3. Buy Dual Stereo Cassette Tape Deck - Clear Audio Double Player Recorder System w/ MP3 Music Converter, RCA for Recording, Dubbing, USB, Retro Design - For Standard / CrO2 Tapes, Home Use - Pyle PTDU: Stereo System Components - sparovcenenkatagbertnewsnemotonco.xyzinfo FREE DELIVERY possible on Reviews:
  4. Gently pull open the cassette compartment door. 2. Use your finger or a pencil to turn the cassette’s hub and take up any slack in the tape. Do not touch the tape. 3. Load a cassette into the door’s guides so the cassette’s open edge is out and the side you want to play faces the .
  5. Although cassette tapes and records (LPs) are the most popular examples, Audacity can be used just as easily to record audio from the following: Open-reel tape decks MiniDisc (MD) or Digital Audio Tape (DAT) players (if you have a digital audio interface, connect from digital out .
  6. Records - Record Scratch - LP Record - Int - CU - Short, Various. 26 $ Records - Needle Scratch - CU - Rhythmic, @ End Of Old 78 Rpm Record Turning @ 33 Rpm, Loud. 57 $ Records - Needle Scratch - ECU - Short, Erratic Scratches On 33 Rpm Record Turning @ 78 Rpm. 9 $
  7. Compact cassette manipulation device allows you to play a cassette with your hands 18/01/16 Buying Choices If you've ever fancied manipulating the sounds on a cassette tape just like you'd scratch a vinyl record, you need to check out the new HC-TT, (Human Controlled Tape Transport), a compact cassette manipulation device which allows you to.
  8. 2 panel inlay. Clear/foil XDR cassette with on-body print. Dolby system. This cassette comes in the following known variations: (1) White with black on-body print White with red on-body print (3) Clear blue tinted cassette with white on-body print (4) Clear cassette with .
  9. Nov 12,  · Everything old is new again, apparently. Inventor and musician Jeremy Bell shows off his musical invention ScrubBoard, which uses audio cassette tape to scratch like a hip-hop DJ.

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