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8 thoughts on “ Turning The Tide - The Grey Wolves - Catholic Priests Fuck Children (CDr) ”

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  4. A Catholic priest who serves as Iscariot's Alucard, for lack of a better term, by slaying creatures that defy God (and/or Protestant heathens). He considers his work "fun" and has a noble, albeit radical, moral code that clashes with both the Hellsing organization and Millennium.
  5. Spawn spends just as much time battling crazy people and demons as he does fighting angels who apparently can't tell that he's a good guy. The fact that he was created solely to be Hell's general makes some angels think his turn is inevitable. Ironically, the ruler of Heaven (being just as evil as the devil) is NOT the one true God, who actually is implied to have some sympathy for the hellspawn.
  6. Blondie The Tide Is High. Blondie Union City Blues. Blondie X Offender. Blood, Sweat & Tears And When I Die. Blood, Sweat & Tears God Bless the Child. Blood, Sweat & Tears I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know. Blood, Sweat & Tears Spinning Wheel. Blood, Sweat & .
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